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Completing green

Sunday 24 June, 2012

Here is my thought process for composing the green piece from before. Firstly, 45 minutes is a very short amount of time, but it seems to have given me enough motivation to actually write something. I am giving myself another day, but no longer. I will post the final piece tomorrow evening.


Things which I think of when I think of green:

  • Leaves, grass, foliage
  • Tea (suggested by my wife!)
  • Green circles (if I close my eyes and press my palms on them long enough I seem to travel through green dougnuts)
  • Growth, vitality
  • Snakes
  • Crunching (maybe because of grass or salad)

I also recorded myself playing some chords and note sequences, some of which remind me of this particular colour.

For vitality, I think of plants growing quickly and endlessly, like vines, sprouting little offshoots and flowers every now and then. For this quality I think I’d include some long winding passages which grow and sprout off little offshoots and ‘flowers’. This one is easy because it is so literal.

For crunchiness I’d like to include crunchy chords with some dischord. I’d like this to be more organised than just random notes. I think of the first chord of Vine’s 1st bagatelle (In fact, that first section is very green).

For the tea, I’d include some pentatonic scales to evoke Chonese music (As per Rebecca’s suggestion).

Circles remind me of notes which go up and down, like the sine waves which are derived from circles. In fact I could have sine and cosine passages simultaneously. How very literal.

Snakes remind me of mysteriousness and slithering, I shall fill the piece with that quality, maybe.


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One Comment
  1. trishworth permalink

    Is it a coincidence that someone writing a piece about Green has been inspired by a composer named Vine?
    I’m looking forward to hearing you play it on your own piano.

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