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My first task

Sunday 24 June, 2012

I am trying to teach myself to compose music. I desire to write for piano for now, as that is an instrument I can play; a purely practical reason, but I guess if I can write music for the piano then I can write music for anything. I am coming at this task as a logical thinker, so the steps I follow may be quite methodical and unusual, depending on how other composers work (which I still have not discovered).

Now I must limit the amount of waffle I put on here as that distracts from the real purpose of the blog, which is to record ideas and to publish progress of pieces and, hopefully one day, give someone else in my position a glimpse at what it is like. I will start out by giving myself random tasks and time limits to complete them, then maybe from chaos will emerge some kind of ordered learning. That is my hope anyway.

My first task: In 45 minutes (because of availability, if not attention span) write a piano piece which evokes imagery of the colour green.

Before I had finished writing the previous paragraph, I already was distracted and found this encouraging blog post which has a funny title: Composing Music is Like Learning to Ride a Bicycle.

Hopefully my next post will be soon, and will contain the results of this exercise!


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One Comment
  1. angstycrayon permalink

    Thanks for that article link. That was very handy! It gave me a little bit more confidence with my own compositions which so far has sucked. I always thought music compositions just ‘appear’ into people’s heads. But that article proved me wrong. Thanks again.

    I wish you the best of luck with your own compositions.

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