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Green score

Tuesday 26 June, 2012

Ok after labouring for a few more hours I’ve finally finished this exercise. It certainly is a lot of work. This piece feels rushed but I’m getting to my deadline and I want to go cuddle Becky.

Op 4 Green – Full Score

You will have to play it yourself, too bad.


It is now the next morning, and I will write about the piece I have just written, understanding fully that the first 3 posts of my new blog obsess over a single invented idea.

I liked the first section. In fact, I wrote that entirely on the first night, then played it for some friends and asked them to guess the colour. 6 of the 9 contestants picked the right colour. I am intrigued that seemingly unrelated things such as musical notes and colour relate the same way for different people.

The rest of the piece falls a bit flat of the goal (and deteriorates into unplayable passages of quasi-random notes, which I tend to write when rushing). It seems I lost the frame of mind that I was in the day before. Some time reading or writing about the subject before I started would have helped regain the thought-world necessary for the piece. Also, I’d have preferred more time. Even two pages is not a quick thing for me to write. Next challenge will have a size limit of perhaps a single page.


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