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Not dead yet… (I feel happy!)

Thursday 20 September, 2012

I know; I:

  1. Failed to put sheet music up for the last exercise, and
  2. Haven’t posted for a long time.
    But luckily, I
  3. Have still been composing.

It is a fugue this time. (I figured I need to work on my counterpoint.) Either I’m doing it completely wrong, or fugues are actually simpler to compose than other music I’ve done before. It is because they require the melody to be going constantly, which means I can start by making a scaffolding of melody, and then hang the rest of the music off that. This is probably a good way to go regardless of the ‘type’ of composition being done; i.e. actually have some musical material marking out sections, rather than just empty bars or written words, or (worse) nothing at all.

Next Wednesday, I will upload both sheet music and a recording of myself playing it. So there.

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