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Op 6: Fugue in misc. styles

Monday 24 September, 2012

Op 6 Fugue in misc styles – Full Score

I have finished my fugue. I made myself do it because it seemed important to learn how to write counterpoint. There is a lot of experimentation in this piece; I broke many of the fugue rules, but I don’t particularly care, as I quite like how it sounds. Also, I can play it with my fingers on a piano.

Some parts could obviously use improvement but I was running out of steam, and time. This is the best piece I have written so far, I think.

There was a composer who would write a ‘fun’ piece in between ‘serious’ pieces (Who?). I consider this fugue to be a ‘serious’ piece, given all the constraints I was trying to follow. Therefore the next piece I write will be in the ‘fun’ category.


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