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Improvisation in G minor

Wednesday 24 October, 2012

First piece is up!

New features include:

  • It is actually 20 minutes long. I did this either so that only the most faithful of my followers would listen, or because I forgot that I was recording (which one could it be?)
  • It is in G minor, decided after I started based on which notes I was hitting.
  • It starts out differently to how it ends, but apparently the tempo doesn’t change.
  • At the end I did something I’ve never done in an improv before, which is the quiet low chords with a melody over the top.
  • It has Very Forgettable Melodies.
  • It wanders a without much direction.
  • I use ‘jazz’ sounding chords to work around the fact that I don’t actually know what I’m playing.
  • Once I start listening I find it hard to stop because I want to know where it goes, regardless of the last 3 points.

The ‘jazz chords’ issue is a big one, and will be my focus for the next recording (which is meant to be up by today but not likely).

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