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Improvs in F and C

Friday 9 November, 2012

Improvs #2 and #3 are contained herein. I actually did these out of self-imposed guilt of not uploading one every 3 days. It is weird, I was walking home this afternoon and just started imagining up some chopin-esque tunes. (Disclaimer: This is not what I uploaded!!!!!!!) Then I started to play them on the piano, and played something completely different as improv. Then I hated that, so I improvved something even more completely different-er.

Here’s my favourite first (even though I recorded it second):

I liked the part where it went from white notes to black notes. I also like how it changes a lot, instead of just changing gradually. Things that I learned from this are:

  1. I can improv on the white notes much better than any scales with black notes. Not racist.
  2. I can improv with my right hand much better than my left.
  3. Why don’t I steal my own ideas, since it’s frowned-upon to steal others’? I never remember to look through my own enormous catalogue of enjoyable snippets.
  4. It’s better if I play something really awful to start with, then throw it away and immediately improve (or just improv) on it.

Speaking of which, here’s the improv in F (Disclaimer: I did not save the best improv till last. This one improv worse than the improv at the top of the page. It is not a better improv.) Hope you enjoy it as much as I didn’t!



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