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I wrote a film score

Thursday 22 November, 2012

I have been busy. In addition to changing my blog theme, and not recording improvised piano pieces, I have been writing a film score. My wife’s film, which originally used a terribly copyrighted piece of piano music, now contains the first 70 seconds of music I have ever been commissioned to write. It plays in the background of the film, hopefully remaining unnoticed by its audience. Of course, I notice because it contains two whole mistakes, and because I wrote it.

I am pleased to say I invented and employed a very clever trick, where I stay in the same key for the first 60 seconds, then in the last 10 I make out like it will modulate to another key, then… voila! The music is cut, leaving the audience to imagine that there were many more wonderful things to come later in the piece, not having a clue that they had in fact heard the entire score. As a composer, this makes me feel fraudulent, deceptive, and deceitful. Actually, I like the music and it could really go places; so I’ve written a few more ideas down and will elaborate on it to make a more complete piece.

Hopefully the video will end up on the internet for all to enjoy, then I’ll link to it. Otherwise I’ll keep churning away at making it longer and trying to remember to record more improvs.


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